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ATon Oolong Tea - HALAL certified

From Ali Mtn. Taiwan

Our Oolong tea vs. Others

1. Sweeter, smoother without astringent taste

  - Because of much higher tea acid & soluble nitrogen

2. Greater benefits for health

  - Because of more pectin and amino acid

3. Much longer lingering of aftertaste with special fresh aroma

  - Because of our mellow tea leaves

4. More times of servings than other teas

  - By steeping the leaves couple more times without losing the taste


Oolong Tea Farms @ Ali Mtn. - Taiwan

1. Use only organic fertilizer

2. About 2000 hectares only. 

3. Altitude from 1000 - 1800 meters a.s.l.

4. Situated either within 50 kilometers of Tropic of Cancer or right on it.


Tips and Uniqueness of Harvesting & Tea Roasting

1. Manually picked with traditional unique method: One-tip-two-leaves, which is found containing the best nutrition and aroma.

2. Reaping hours matter the quality, taste, flavor and aroma.  All tea leaves are picked from 7AM to 3PM.

3. Traditional seven processes of roasting teas:

    Step 1: Sun Withering                                     Step2: Indoor Withering         Step 3:  Fixation (280°C ~ 300°C)


   Step 4: Dehydrate (80°C ~ 130°C)        Step 5: Rolling & Kneading               Step 6:  Dehydrate again (80°C ~ 130°C)

Step 7: Tea Roasting


As the result, the color, flavor and aroma of the tea are all ensured to reach the best utmost quality & longest lasting aroma.


The limited land and production per year makes Ali Oolong tea even more unique and precious.


In a nutshell…

What makes our Oolong tea so unique and special?

  • Thanks to the greatness of nature, the Tropic of Cancer region and the mixture of island climate with mountain height make the perfect soil to grow the tea, whereas most other teas grow and roasted in continental climate that contain less humidity.

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