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Brand Story

Being cosmopolitan travelers and believe in nature, we embrace the beauty and kindness of diversities in cultures, as well as enjoy the mixtures of tastes from foods, drinks, fashions, values, lifestyles and everything that has deeply touched our hearts  twinkling with our smiles that melt into our cups of teas!  As we see tea-drinking a regimen in cultures that speak for people's own tastes and ceremonies, and because of our craving in the “true harmony” which we believe can be achieved by “teas”, we are determined to create a balancing tea-regimen through a tranquil but fun, relaxing, and individual customized methodology to bring the West and East together then to kindle up the sparkle in tea taste whilst comforting varieties of needs for the mind, soul and body without borders between cultures or nations!

Consequently, “ATon TEA” was born!


ATon TEA: A mixed culture with diversified savors to upgrade your horizon for the tastes of life!


Our Logos – in English, Traditional Chinese and Mixed

The 12-golden-rays represents

1) The sun’s radiance

2) Inspired by Oriental and Western zodiac, ATon Tea perceives “12” a vital and powerful number which    implies a completion, an achievement and an endless circulation of lives in the universe.

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