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ATon tea - Whole range / ㄟ昂全套茶組

NT$1,750 Regular Price
NT$1,500Sale Price
  • Products included in this item are: Morning tea, Afternoon tea, Evening tea, Weekend tea, and Traditional Loose Leaves, 5 cases in total


    This full range of ATon tea can truly accompany you throughout the day and the entire week to bring you a well care and happiness to your body, soul and mind.


    All natural herbs and high mountain oolong from Ali Mtn., these formulated tea in different combinations can definitely shake your perception of teas and bring you a feast of taste!


    All herbs and oolong tea follow the legislations of EU and Taiwan; every package of the tea comes out from the heart and love of our tea-roasting masters under their winkling faces and hands in sweat.  


    This is a tea with Love, because ATon understands you~

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