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放輕鬆 ~ 嗨 夜晚! 晚茶


辛苦一天後 滋補加倍、精神鎮靜、給身體完美的晚安

* 草本天然營養素與礦物質補充白天流失的能量讓夜晚更健康靜謐

* 獨特的香氣與多層次口感,嚴選台灣烏龍與德國花草素材

 ~ 當西方與東方相遇的霎那,閃耀即生!







* 熱飲

將一包茶袋倒入90°C 的熱開水250~300cc,浸泡約3~5分鐘,再將茶袋取出。 每一包茶袋可泡至少兩次(依個人口味而定)

* 冷飲



產品規格:2.5~3g (淨重) /每茶包x 12入/盒




* 本產品採用可生物分解之環保紙盒&100%純棉茶袋



Evening tea 晚茶

  • Relax ~ Hello Evening!

    (Rooibos Oolong)

    Re-nourishing, Calming, Perfect ending for a day!

    A mellow catholicon natural herbal drink to replenish nutrients lost during the day and bring you a calmer, healthier night

    A unique aroma with multi-level flavor and pleasing lingering aftertaste with strictly selected invincible Oolong from Taiwan and herbs from Germany.

    - When the West meets the East, the sparks ignite!


    Note: Please drink it at least 2 hours before going to the bed if you are sensitive to caffeine, which is actually very mild in each sachet.


    Our uniqueness:

    1. A special essence extracted from the combination of Oriental and Western tea cultures is prepared to bring up an intimate vibe for the taste and to keep you company for your mind and health from AM to PM.

    2. Natural farming and hand-picked, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and/or herbicides applied.  In line with legislations of Taiwan and the EU/Germany for all our herbs and teas.. 


    Hot serving

    Infuse 1 sachet in 250-350 cc 90°C boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then remove the sachet to serve.  Steep the sachet twice or more depending on personal tastes.

    Cold serving

    Infuse 2 sachets in 600 cc cold water at room temperature or fridge for 5-8 hours or before going to bed, then enjoy the tea the next morning.  Remove sachets and serve.


    For more information, please contact us:

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