Let's ATonㄟ昂!
Let's ATonㄟ昂!


Wanna let the blessing spread and praising sing - for love and life! 只想讓祝福遠播並讓讚美之聲歡唱四起 ~ 為愛與生命!

Let's ATonㄟ昂!
Let's ATonㄟ昂!


Welcome to ATon's!

Hi I am ATon!

My Mandarin name:ㄟ昂

My species:

□Human   □Tea

Tea with Humanity

I am from Taiwan.

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Our Claim

Tea-drinking can be a fun thing that delivers a reflection of life, mood, or wishes, especially if making it cross-cultural.      


Our Objective

To reach out for the true harmony of the world through a multi-cultural tea-drinking regime.


Our Belief

The true harmony of the world is to balance all the diversified elements in the world -and Tea-drinking can be it!


Our Culture:

The optimal balance from diversified mixtures of the world


Our Taste:

When the West meets the East”, the true harmony outbursts and lingers in the mind, heart, olfaction and gustation and then into the soul. 


Why is it “A Tea for Blessing and Turning a life On”?

Blessing from the source of power in the cosmos – the Sun, subtly and delicately operating on the Tropic of Cancer lying upon our tea farms to grow our unique tea!

Turning A Life On by varieties of our blended and natural teas that accommodate your needs at every moment from AM to PM.

Now, enjoy receiving blessings and turning on your life with our ATon TEA!

Harvest 豐收

Hands picking 雙手採茶

A smile under her outfit 採茶裝下的笑容

Tea leaves - ready to be picked 成熟可摘茶葉

Mellow leaves on tea tree 茶樹上鮮美多汁的茶葉

Pick only "one-tip-two-leaf" on a tea tree 秘訣:只採收"一心二葉"

Picking: "One-tip-two-leaf" 採收"一心二葉"

Just fresh picked 新鮮採摘茶葉

Cottages at tea farm 茶園裡的木屋

Tea village at Ali Mtn. Taiwan 在台灣阿里山的茶村

Sunsetting in clouds at Ali Mtn., Taiwan 台灣阿里山雲海中的夕陽

100 yrs old Wild Tea Tree 百年野生茶樹